Hello and welcome,

After a long period of deliberation, saying and thinking ‘maybe one day’, I’ve decided to finally start a blog.

Writing is my oldest and most loyal friend, as well as my most treasured companion.  I have often neglected this friend.  The relationship hasn’t always been clear or consistent.

But, after years of hiding it, writing privately, doing the business in the woods, up mountains, sneakily in caf├ęs and behind closed doors,  I’ve decided to make this relationship public.  No more ‘oh, but writing is just a private thing’.

It’s time to start bringing some things to light.  Even if it’s just a few things, here and there.

Currently, I’m not 100% sure what this blog will consist of.

It may be an every-flavoured composite of travel posts, weird stories, seemingly-random musings, photography, maybe something about spirituality here and there, foody things, poetry or prose, and maybe the odd sprinkling of psychology, linguistics and philosophy.  Meanders, musings and ganders.

Or it may be a load of old Scheisse.

But the least I can do is something.

I don’t expect anyone to read it.

No expectations.

Yet there’s a small chance that something here could potentially inspire a thought or a concept or an interest or even a spark of self-belief in another human.  Maybe some kid could stumble upon it and it will somehow help them.  Maybe.

Leading on from this, it would be nice if this could become some kind of platform where people feel free to consider and play with ideas in an open and respectful way.  To all share experiences; to all learn from one another.

Please feel free to express yourself too.  Feel free to join in and help to create an open dialogue.


Watch this space.







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