🎢🎡 New Music Monday: Introducing Jess Clarke’s ‘Shadowlands’ 🎡 πŸŽΆ

Jess Clarke is a British multi-instrumentalist, composer and MA music therapy student.  Jess has an eclectic taste and can play numerous instruments from the bass to the mandolin.  She particularly loves playing the piano and Indian sitar.

Recently, Jess has been getting loopy, experimenting with the loop pedal!

Fancy treating your ears to the sweet union of a keyboard, synth machine, sample pad and sitar?

Check out her recent improvised piece ‘Shadowlands’; you won’t regret it!

For more every-flavoured musical treats, check out Jess Clarke on her websiteFacebookInstagramTwitterWordPress, and YouTube pages.

You can also find her on iTunesAmazon MusicSpotify and SoundCloud.

🎡🎢 Happy listening! 🎢🎡


The Shadowlands EP is now available to buy from her websiteSpotifyAmazon Music, and iTunes!

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