Don’t let creativity be a part of the death toll

What’s it going to take for you to start writing again?



The world to end?

What’s more likely to happen first –

The world ends or you pick up your pen?

Use this destruction to create.
Use this chaos to educate.
Turn this pain into something beautiful.
Turn trepidation and tragedy
Into a tome of triumpth.

Don’t let a virus spread into your soul or a pandemic set fear into your heart.

In a world with a growing death toll, don’t let your creativity be a part of the stats.

Your creativity is yours, with seeds eager to be planted, loved and fed,
Whether the world is content or fearful instead

Stop trying not to feel
To distract
Tune into your feelings
Let these waves steer the motions of your pen

Find a way to begin again.

The most unique works of art
Can be found it the midst of darkness and destruction.

Broken or whole, hold a mirror up to the world.
Show it what’s it made of.
Show it what you’re made of.

Or envision a new world that trumps this one.

Find a way to paint your demons,

sing your tune,

dance, write, envision, croon,

laugh, cry, rhyme, move,

draw, garnish, print, groove,

record, reward, read, knead,

strum, drum, believe, plant seeds





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