Coronavirus: The Gratitude Diaries (day one of lockdown)

Good things (day four / day one of lockdown):

• I started the day with a Skype workout with my partner.

• Grateful that we are still allowed to go outside once a day.

• My plants are happy.

• I have 98 books in my room (yes, I counted) so at least I’ll be well-read.

• Truth be told, I wasn’t his number one fan before, but Bozza seems to be doing an alright job (for the most part). Fair play to him.

• I’ve had lots of nice chats with friends and family members.

• Facebook usually annoys me and I used to avoid using it too much. Now it’s really fulfilling its purpose and keeping people connected during this strange time. It’s become more of a positive thing.

• This horrible situation seems to be bringing out a lot of people’s strength, kindness, positivity and true nature.

• There’s always something good if you look for it.

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