Coronavirus: The Gratitude Diaries (week one of lockdown)

Good things (day one of lockdown):

• I started the day with a Skype workout with my partner.

• Grateful that we are still allowed to go outside once a day.

• My plants are happy.

• I have 98 books in my room (yes, I counted) so at least I’ll be well-read.

• Truth be told, I wasn’t his number one fan before, but Bozza seems to be doing an alright job (for the most part). Fair play to him.

• I’ve had lots of nice chats with friends and family members.

• Facebook usually annoys me and I used to avoid using it too much. Now it’s really fulfilling its purpose and keeping people connected during this strange time. It’s become more of a positive thing.

• This horrible situation seems to be bringing out a lot of people’s strength, kindness, positivity and true nature.

• There’s always something good if you look for it.

☀️ Day two ☀️

• There has been a massive drop in air pollution

• Had my first gardening experience! Happy that I have a garden and things to focus on. Ready to embrace my inner Charlie Dimmock 🌱

• Sunshine

• Hummus

• Good conversations with friends

💚 Day three 💚

Positive things (day six):

  • So many people clapped for NHS staff members. Well-deserved! What you are doing is amazing! Thank you!👏 I’d also like to say thank you to all key workers, from all of you brilliant carers to pharmacy staff members and shop workers … the list goes on! Thank you.

Please know that you are valued and that we appreciate all of you. You are doing an awesome job too.

You’ve all got this 💪

  • Really enjoying cooking at the moment. Trying to focus on the joy of ‘everyday’ things. Things that you don’t always appreciate or enjoy as much when you’re busy with work and whatnot and in a rush.
  • Went for a 10k adventure/run/jog/walk and was thankful to be in such a bloody gorgeous place in the sun.
  • (Most) people seem to be treating each other well right now. Neighbours are chatting over their fences. Strangers are saying hello to each other more and chatting (from a distance).
  • Thankful for so many things.

🛏 Day four 🛏

  • Went to the beach and had a moment of zen. Forgot about the troubles of the world, even if it was brief
  • Had good chats, laughs and played games with friends old and new (mostly online; no visitors – don’t worry!)
  • Clean bedding – you can’t beat that feeling. It’s the little things

🌞 Day five 🌞

  • Creative things
  • A 6k walk in the sun
  • Watched This is England

🍿 Day six 🍿

• Put my to do lists away for a day for the sake of my mental health. It’s important for some of us to make them and feel like we are being organised and productive. Sometimes, however, we just need to chill the f out and have time to be spontaneous and do whatever we feel like (whilst respecting the rules of quarantine/social distancing).

• I’m doing things that I usually put off like sorting out my things from the attic. Found a few nice things to get me through this covid season, including chocolate orange popcorn, rum truffles and a few more books to add to my collection! I now have over 120 books in my room 😂🤓📚 🍿

• Spent hours sorting out my room and making it a nice place to be in – it’s amazing how productive we can be when we put our phones down for a bit. If we are going to be stuck inside for weeks, or even months, we might as well make it look nice so we feel like we are on a yoga retreat and not in prison 🧘🏻‍♀️🌻

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