Happiness Starts With You

Happiness should not come solely from another.
It should start with you.

You grow your own crops of gratitude,
water your own plants of pleasure.

You are the captain and creator of your own joy.
You cannot expect the only way to quench your thirst is to drink from another’s fountain.

Only we can make ourselves happy; we can only put expectations on ourselves, not others.

We must have enough to keep ourselves content when we are away from our lover or friends.
We must learn to be full, independent beings alone – with our own zest for life, plan, hobbies, quirks, ideas, dreams, jokes…

We must be strong enough to stand on our own two feet; to be comfortable in our own skin and to love what’s within it.

We must love ourselves before we truly love others.
We must fill our own well – never meaning to touch, fill up or take from the well of another.
We can add to others’ happiness, yes. We can make their joy taste even sweeter.

But to cultivate contentment and inner peace that may last a lifetime?
That’s up to you.

We must be happy alone. We must be able to be alone, seek solitude and relish our own company.
To sing with our angels.
To dance with our demons.
We may have dark moments, but we are able to weather the storms and return to our own garden of peace, a fuller and stronger being for having survived it.

We must know our own needs
sow our own seeds
accept that your own pit of hunger is all you can feed
stay away from sources of vanity, hatred, and greed.

Seek to understand
yourself and others
in order to be understood.

Decorate your life’s rich tapestry
with things that are good.

Far behind us, now,
the times of which we blamed others,
focused on only serving others,
neglected ourselves.

Now we must bravely turn the looking glass.
Acknowledge our own faults and fears.
Stop forgetting to look after ourselves and take care of our own needs.

In order to have
we must work on our own relationship with

Accept, don’t project.
Understand, don’t undermine.
Reflect, don’t neglect.
Explore, don’t explode.
Recognise, don’t scrutinise.

Let’s start now.

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