We Are Not Insignificant

Bluebells and solitude
Silence and sunlight
Everything is illuminated
Gratitude is in sight

Birdsong and the scent of pine
Carried by a gentle breeze
Beauty in the fragility of flowers
And the strength of trees

Lost in the enormity of earth
How easy to feel insignificant
But what would the world be
Without the idiosyncrasies which make it so extravagant

The intoxicating richness of bark
Veins of each leaf, doodlings on tracing paper, yet unique
The light emitting from each glow worm in the dark
Colours beaming alone boldly
And shades blending into one another on petals

Trees curve and bend in their own way
Birds have their own song to sing
There is power in every single sun ray
There is wonder in everything

There’s magic in simplicity
And what is found in everyday life
Sun beams trump electricity
Without even trying, nature can heal us from strife

Different strands come together
To make the tapestry of life and humanity
We may be tiny, but we are not insignificant

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